Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A few notes on joint committee

(we were elbow to elbow at the joint committee, so a few notes post-meeting)
Councilor Economou raised his disappointment that more wasn't able to be done to consolidate routes and possibly save money. Mr. Foley referenced the rundown from administration on the bus utilization numbers, which are very high (and was mentioned as such by the consultants); Ms. Ramirez spoke of the wishes we all have to allow for greater services for our students (which at this point we cannot afford). The bids are due at the end of the month; that will come back to F&O and then be voted by the School Committee.
In terms of Facilities, we have, of course, the great news about Nelson Place and South (I'm currently at Council to hear the vote for the funding of Nelson Place).
F&O voted the accelerated repair items (see earlier post).
We also spoke about the larger facilities issues facing the system. As South goes forward, as it is a quadrant high school, part of what we'll need to be looking at as go forward are the use of the building and the incoming population in the larger system. There is in process right now a master plan for the district; the initial pilot was done of Doherty and was just received by administration today. There was general agreement among the joint committee that having an impartial evaluation of all buildings as we move forward, and as soon as possible, is absolutely necessary.

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