Monday, April 30, 2012

Teach for America in Florida

Helpful article showing the "you want to do WHAT?" aspect of Teach for America, this time from Florida:
Concerned about teacher retention?
In August, about 100 Teach For America recruits will arrive to work as teachers in Duval County Public Schools. If past trends hold, as few as 11 of them will still be teaching here in traditional public schools five years from now.
How about budgeting?

Officials from those districts say the financial investment in recruitment and training, plus the replacement cost when those teachers leave, makes the program impractical given the limited funding for education...Cobb would have paid $8,000 per teacher to TFA for recruitment and training. Duval will use the federal grant money to pay TFA $3,000 per teacher for recruitment and training.
 Not an experiment we want to make, Worcester.

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