Thursday, July 22, 2010


O'Connell has a report coming back on the discontinuation of the horticulture program; refers to subcommittee.
Mullaney speaks that this has been discontinued due to lack of interest; asks for a roll call on the referral to subcommittee.

Novick asks where the nearest horticulture program is (we're required under state law to transport kids who are interested in a vo-tech program that we don' t have); nobody knows.

also asks for a report on how WPS is covering their aspects of the settlement agreement with the Green Hill Park Coalition, DEP, and the City (the settlement allowed the Tech school to be built on what was originally park land)

Boone says we face "the evolution of the end of the day, we do have to look more broadly as a district what we're doing to meet the needs" of our city and our state..."the reality is we can't meet every need"

Item carries.

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