Thursday, October 9, 2008

Superintendent search update

You've no doubt read the Telegram and Gazette coverage by Jacqueline Reis on last night's School Committee meeting. Here's a few notes sent to me by a parent who attended; she started by noting that the room was packed with principals:

Jack Foley and Mary Mullaney tried to get Mills added to the list. The search firm guy warned that some of the top 3 might drop out if Mills got an interview, insinuating that they would view it as the inside guy had the inside track and they shouldn't bother. Bogigian and Monfredo tried to pass a motion that would have the school committee interview all 9 candidates that the ad hoc committee considered. That motion passed at first but then failed under reconsideration after the search firm guy brought up his point again.

In the end, they decided to interview the top 3 and after interviewing quickly decide if they needed to go further down the list. This will all happen very fast. Next Tue, Wed and Thursday there will be a candidate in. There are public forums and then the school committee interviews candidates (also open to the public). On Thursday, after the school committee interviews the last candidate, the committee will meet to decide whether to pursue one of the candidates or dip deeper into the pool. All of these meetings are open to the public.

Those public forums are from 3-4:30 at Worcester Technical High School; the interviews will follow at 5-7 pm. The School Committee will debate their choices on Thursday evening.

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