Thursday, August 21, 2008

Standing Committee on Business report from Mr. Foley

one item on the agenda: the additional $250,000 made avaliable by the City Council
How those dollars should be spent? recommendation by admin. (June 10 memo) vs. for small elementary classroom sizes
Acknowledge City Council and Stand for Children in additional funds being around
"a better problem to have" (how to spend more money)
$1.25 million put aside: energy costs; if not, for textbooks and materials
$2.25 million for additional elementary schoolteachers
"every class size about 27 has been addressed in some way" (some with additional teachers; some with tutors if no additional classroom space is avaliable in the school)
15 teachers not been assigned yet, pending how many students actually show up next week
27 tutors not assigned
63 instructional aides are still being assigned (kindergarten)
Health pipeline academy at WEMS/North High
Engineering and Technology academy for Forest Grove/Doherty
AP classes (too late to add this year; additional support for those happening)
$125,000 for Bridge teachers at middle school
$10,000 for after school support for AP classes

Motion: $125,000 for Bridge programs
$10,000 for after school support

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