Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Be careful what you vote for

There's been some online discussion of this already, but it looks as though the City Council isn't missing the impacts of the proposed rollback of the state income tax:

Item 12i. Request City Manager, in conjunction with the City Auditor and the Worcester Public Schools, prepare an impact report concerning public services that would result from the ballot initiative to eliminate the state income tax. (Clancy)

(live-posting from the City Council meeting)
Councilor Clancy says he wants projections..."we're a creature of the state. Our schools receive a tremendous amount of money from the state...that's going to have an impact...We at least have to roll out what that impact would be...certainly significant on the school side...far great repercussions on the school side."

The councilor stresses that he'd like conservative projections, saying the schools "like to have their finger on the scales sometimes."

(The proposal would rollback the tax 2 1/2 percent in 2009, and 2 1/2 in 2010.)

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